Active Tips

Learn Active Tips or strategies for making life easier as you engage in your activities of daily living.  Simply click on the following titles to take you to the topic.

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Take Time to Breeeathe!


Christmas with an Illness or Disability


Good records for good results: The art of record-keeping

Another side of the issue of “falls:”  Traumatic Brain Injury

Notes from the Floor: A Unique Perspective on Falls

Reservations and Recomendations: Toileting Accessibility Made Easy Part 1

Reservations and Recommendations: Toileting Accessibility Made Easy Part 2

Checklist for Used and Donated Bath Safety Equipment

Caring for Dad in Your Own Home: When Kids Adjust: Help Us All (Guest Blog)

Safe at Home Checklist

A Look at Technology’s Impact on Eldercare

Reservations and Recommendations:  Suction Cup Grab Bars, Oh My!

Reservations and Recommendations:  Pet Care

Tips to prevent falls in the home:  they are not just for older adults!

Transitional spaces in the home

A place to sit.  Ahhhh.


Getting in and out of your home

A ramp not to love

Save your back and knees while gardening this Spring!

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