PGA HOPE: Local pros learn about real handicaps

Love programs like these as it is really tough to imagine what a temporary or permanent disability is like unless you are in that situation.  See what you think and let me know in the comments below!  Take care all, Julie O.T.

USA TODAY High School Sports

By Mike Dougherty

HARRISON – Most days, golf comes easy to Pete Stefanchik, but nothing about the game was instinctive on Monday as the head professional at Elmwood Country Club got an opportunity to walk the proverbial mile on another man’s prosthetic leg.

Perspective was gained with each awkward swing taken at Westchester Country Club.

The normal thought process was quickly discarded as Stefanchik and 23 other Met PGA instructors learned what it was like to hit a golf ball wearing a prosthetic leg. Forget about things like swing plane and ball flight. The most pressing concern was finding a way to stay upright on the follow through.

A dose of humility came with each tempered swing.

Many of the professionals are planning to use their newfound knowledge in May when the section’s first PGA HOPE program launches at West Point. The idea is to provide military veterans dealing with…

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